“Redesigning communities for Aged society symposium” at University of Tokyo(4.Mar.2016)

On 4 March, we participated in “Redesigning communities for Aged society symposium” at University of Tokyo.

http://www.ristex.jp/korei/03event/sympoH27/program.html (Language: Japanese)

*Organizer: RISTEX, JST https://www.ristex.jp/EN/examin/korei/index.html (Language: English)

P20160304_092459467_FB3902DD-E054-4C43-B2AF-F8CF5698554B P20160304_092555251_96323B54-1220-4774-BA28-FB2E1D5F4DE7

The time was coming, Dr. Ogawa sensei (Ph.D), Principal Investigator of “Otagaisama community”, presented in one of the parts “Redesigning communities with a diverse range of stakeholders, a focus on communities”.

http://www.ristex.jp/korei/03event/pdf/leaf2_koreisympoH27.pdf (Language: Japanese)

Title; Community Design by Functional Integration for 2030<CategoryⅡ>

http://www.ristex.jp/korei/en/02project/prj_h24_15.html (Language: Japanese)

In this presentation, Dr. Ogawa introduced that we went to Singapore in January 2016.

Also He said that we wish to keep in touch with Singaporeans friends.


At poster session, because we exchanged a lot of people about our research, we could have an impressive time.

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For this presentation, we prepared the manuals for the community coordinator, too.

The manuals are consisted of 2 volumes.


If you would like to see these manual, you can DOWN LORD in this site. (Language: Japanese)



We expect the project will go on in Fukuoka and other communities.


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