THE 10th Anniversary Fukuoka ACAP 2016 (5-6.Mar.2016)

On 5-6/3. 2016, We went to Active Aging Consortium Asia Pacific (ACAP)2016 and Ara-kan (Ara-kan means Around 60) festival in Fukuoka.

We showed the poster as one of research members for JST-RISTEX “Redesigning Communities for Aged Society”.


In ACAP 2016, We got a lot of information in Asia Pacific.  (Language: English)



○The Global Strategies for Extension of Healthy Life Expectancy

○The Strategic of Fukuoka City toward 2035

○Health Aging and Age-friendly City in Honolulu.

○Age-friendly City in Busan-city


*Symposium issues

“Designing ICT for an Aged Society”

“Designing Long-term Care forand Aged Society”

“Designing Communities for an Aged Society”


We could know the advanced case of Busan, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, and Fukuoka.

After that, We participeted World café session

IMG_5821 P20160306_161928246_65BDEA61-A055-4CB1-8B2F-1A62D052CE4B

In farewell of the conference, we signed up “Declaration of Fukuoka ACAP 2016”

IMG_5823 P20160306_175736885_F6732708-022C-4483-B95D-3C85F4703520

I’ll show you the one sentence of the declaration.

“We advocate for the engagement and empowerment of older persons in society and the encouragement by society for older people to be active and productive.”


Thanks to you, we had a wonderful time.

Also, we had a lot of inspiration for our research from participants.

We really hope we will keep in touch with participants.