The symposium for the community of the Fukuoka City Social Welfare Council(8.March.2016)

On8/3.2016,We held the symposium for the community of the Fukuoka City Social Welfare Council.  (Language: Japanese)  (Language: Japanese)

First, our project members explained the overview of our Research Results about the Otagaisama Community.


Secondly, we had a Panel Discussion joined by residents and  corporations.

we should how to build comfortable relationship between residents and corporations, by showing one of the examples of the community Café “Tamariba” in Kanayama district.

Through this project, they built a hang-out spot. At the community cafe, they soled local vegetable, goods, and had a cafe so locals could how somewhere to go, and here something to do.

Not only do the governments or corpolation five services, but also the residences can make the services themselves if they want.


Another example, was a supporting cooperative project with a private high school Tachibana highschool in Miawadai to understand the residents’ activity for solving community issues in Miwadai district.

They established a cooperative program where stakeholders would volunteer helping the senior residents by washing cars, cleaning the neighborhood and cooking. Meanwhile the senior residence would teach the students in the life skills, like coretaking and communication, and job training.


The principal of Miadai and residential stakeholders are talking about the experiences of their project.

Also They talked about how residents and corporations should change their minds from “Privatization” to “Collaboration”.


Beyond the differences stakeholders have about various activity principles, they should be looking for ways they can work together to explore possibility of cooperation.


That day was the first time we introduced our project to the residence of Fukuoka city.

Close to 100 peoplefrom the Fukuoka area participate in this symposium.

At the symposium We made a café like a “Café Tamariba” (hang out) in Kanayama school district in this venue in order to feel this concept of “A place where those with children as well as the elderly can casually get together”.

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We showed the key concepts for you to understand our project objects: Ogtagaisama Community.

We had a good time.


“Otagaisama Community” is …

(1) Extending the possibilities of solving the issues”.

(2) Connecting people of different roles.

We hope that other groups will think about sustainable relationships and communities which are able to solve various issues.


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